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“Storm Worm” Fast Spreading Virus Hits Computers Worldwide

New virus plays on humanity concerns of email recipients

Finnish data security company F-Secure told reporters today that a computer virus called “Storm Worm” was sent to hundreds of thousands of email addresses globally. Knowing how many e-mail users do not blind-copy (BCC) their friends when sending mass e-mails, the numbers could be much higher. According to F-Secure, “Storm Worm” is spreading very quickly.

Representatives from F-Secure said “the Small.DAM (Storm-Worm) we posted on earlier spread very fast during the night, Helsinki time. The heavy seeding through spam was quickly obvious on our tracking screens. The worm was spread throughout the world very rapidly.” The actual virus is called Small.DAM and at this time the origin of the virus is unknown.

F-Secure indicated that those who receive any of the following lines in the subject line of an email are likely recipients of the “Storm Worm” virus:

* 230 dead as storm batters Europe.
* A killer at 11, he’s free at 21 and…
* British Muslims Genocide
* Naked teens attack home director.
* U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza…

The virus also comes with one the following attachments:

* Full Clip.exe
* Full Story.exe
* Read More.exe
* Video.exe

As of now, F-Secure advises that users act cautiously when working with their email, use common sense and have anti-virus measures installed. “Storm Worm” is a trojan and will allow an infected computer to be remotely controlled for malicious purposes such as a denial-of-service attack or data theft.

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