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The Defination of Love

I pray for you more than I pray for myself
I pray to God for you good health
When I'm away from you for more than a hour
I miss you too much
The glare in your eyes
The stride in your walk
Even the way your lips move when you talk
You call me your wifey
You say you just want to ice me
Diamonds are a girls best friend
Since when?
Materialistic things mean nothing to me
Especially with a man like you
How could that be
I said I'd never fall in love
Promised myself I couldn't do it again
But here I am with you
On a level I never thought would be
Never considered I would love you
Never dreamed you'd be in love with me
But here we are
Look how happy we can be
Things aren't easy
We do have our days
But I know we couldn't never go our seperate ways
Couldn't go a day without your touch or feel
And that's how I know this love thing is real
So when I ask youu what's the definition of love
You simply answer it's the definition of us

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