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Sania's Sensational

The star of Indian Tennis, Sania Mirza is a strong-headed girl. She is very aggressive in her professional pursuit; true trait of a sportsman. She is the fiery, dynamic and an indomitable spirit with a never-say-die attitude.

She will always lead a very independent and self-sufficient life. Ambitious and a go-getter, she may seem tough on the surface but she is very sensitive, romantic and emotional.

She has an independent streak and likes to enjoy life to the fullest. Sania strives for freedom and success.

Sania Mirza has great potential for success. She has an eye for detail yet she doesn't lose sight of the larger picture. She should put her natural intuitiveness to good use.

Sania Mirza has become a sportswoman of international repute, due to Raj Yoga in her horoscope. She will touch the heights of her tennis career and she may win the grand slam too. Sania's horoscope indicates a person having all the good opportunities, name, fame & prosperity.

Year 2008 will be a mixed bag for Sania Mirza. Up to 17-06-2008, she will have to struggle. She may not get desired results. Australian open and French open will not be very fruitful for her career. But after June 2008, Wimbledon and U S open will be very successful tournaments for her. Till June 2008, she should take care of her health. Chances of injury are indicated.

The coming year will bring in lots of success for Sania. Love may also come calling! She will meet some one very special, whom may want to spend the rest of her life with. Her love affair will obviously be the talk of the international circuit. It is indicated that this special someone will be someone very handsome & jolly natured. It could be someone very famous, coming from a very elite, Indian background. Sania will not marry this person in 2008, as she will be busy climbing her ladder of success. May you always shine like a star Sania!