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President Patil Says India Needs a Green Revolution - Again

President Pratibha Patil recently called on the government to stimulate Green Revolution the second time round so that all of India's growing population will be assured of food security.

Speaking on the occasion of birth centenary celebrations of Siddaganga Math pontiff Dr. Shiv Kumar Swamiji at Tumkur, she called upon the scientists and researchers to find ways to augment agricultural productivity.

President Patil recalled the yeomen services of centenarian Dr. Shiv Kumar Swamiji in providing food shelter and education to save thousands of children from underprivileged families for several decades.

The President also applauded the contribution of Swamiji in starting 45 educational institutions all over the country.

She advocated a fresh look by the government at the population policy, citing China's example.

"As China has stabilised its population, it is expected that we will surpass the population of China. Therefore, we may need to look at our population policy. To feed this population, steps must be taken to ensure that food availability is increased and that can only happen if food production and productivity are augmented," she said.

"Productivity can be enhanced by making available to our farmers better seeds, necessary irrigation facilities and marketing linkages. Scientists must constantly work with farmers to acquaint them with better agricultural practices and at the same time our research efforts in the field of agriculture must continue," she added.

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