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Satyam staffers' CVs flood job portals

PUNE: As the fate of around 2,000 Satyam employees in the city hangs in the balance, many of them have started looking for new jobs. This,
despite the brave face put up by many, and claims to a "wait and watch" approach.

According to Partha Sarathi Roy, zonal manager of the job portal, "The last three days have seen some 2,000 resumes from Satyam employees across the country from senior, middle and junior level employees."

Roy says that overall, the number of resumes from the IT sector have gone up, but job prospects have gone down by 30 per cent. "These are the days of streamlining costs," he said.

However, he added that the Satyam episode, despite being "shocking" will not cause panic in the IT sector on the whole. "That is the situation as of today," he said.

Satyam Computers operates from three locations in the city - Hinjewadi, Wakadewadi and Dhole Patil. Since its chairman Ramalinga Raju admitted to inflating figures on the balance sheets, the company's shares, which were quoting Rs 179.1 per cent on Tuesday, plummeted by 78 per cent to close at Rs 39.9 on Wednesday.

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